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How to Advocate for Yourself in Performance Reviews

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It’s that time of year. Your performance review is on the calendar and you need to complete a self-assessment. Although the process can vary from one organization to the next, many of us share the general feelings of stress and unease brought on by performance appraisals. The review process can be opaque and leaves many […]


Salary Negotiation | How to Make a Counter Offer

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For many nonprofit professionals, salary negotiation can feel like an elusive art form. Sometimes, we’re so happy that we got the job offer at all that we end up feeling as though we’ve run out of the energy and the gumption that may be required to initiate a salary talk. If you’re up for some […]


When to Ask for a Raise, and When You Shouldn’t

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“Don’t rock the boat.” We’ve all heard that advice at one point, whether it’s in school, in the workplace, or in personal relationships. It’s not bad advice if you’re out on the open ocean, but in other situations, it can keep us from asking important questions out of fear that we’ll mess up a good […]


Navigating the Workplace: 5 Sticky Situations (and Solutions for Dealing with Them)

You’re confident you just did some really great work and you want to champion yourself, but you don’t want to seem too “braggy”. Navigate your way out of this (and 4 other) sticky situations at work!