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How to Navigate a Transition Early in Your Career


“After years of school and telling people this is what I want to do, how could I possibly change my mind now?” “I don’t like this career, but if I make a big change, will that make me just another stereotypical millennial who can’t commit?” “If I don’t follow the career path I planned, what […]


Using Your Performance Degree to Land the Job

ballerina in the woods

Whether it took you to your tiptoes as a ballerina, or to the depths of your soul to belt out those bass notes, studying the performing arts is something to be proud of. However, what may have started as starry-eyed Broadway dreams may feel different a decade or so later. Perhaps your interests have shifted […]


How I Left Investment Banking and Joined a Nonprofit

As much as I enjoyed my time in the private sector, I was ready for a change. I wanted to combine my years of experience working in finance with my passion for service, but finding a job at a nonprofit was a lot harder than I had expected.


How to decide between a Master’s or Doctoral Degree

If you’re anything like me, you’re lucky enough to work with inspiring senior colleagues who have both master’s and doctoral degrees. Those letters after your name (MA, MS, DrPH, PhD, etc.) are a universal signal of professional accolade. The draw toward advanced education is a natural one, especially for those who covet learning and growth […]