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When Self-Care Isn’t Enough: How to Take Control of Your Mental Health

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There is always another deadline to make, another donor to meet, another person to help. For those in social impact, it can seem like the work is never done. It’s easy for stress to build up. And while there is a lot of talk about self-care in the nonprofit sector, sometimes taking a day off or […]


5 Self-Care Strategies for Care Professionals

People who are motivated to actively seek out opportunities in the social impact sector are those who feel a need to make a difference in their world. This often means pursuing roles that involve being in the service of, or caring for, others. Care professionals are those who are in roles that involve direct interactions […]


4 ways to turn your inner critic into an ally

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Sometimes self-criticism can sabotage our efforts to find new opportunities. Here’s how to quiet your inner critic.


3 powerful ways to invest in yourself when you’re trying to change the world

The most influential, and happiest, agents of change have a valuable lesson to teach: Self-concern is as essential as your desire to help others.