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The Number One Career and Life Skill You Need to Develop

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Self-awareness is frequently cited as the top skill needed to succeed in work and in life. But what does it mean to have self-awareness—and how do you get it? In his highly respected Harvard Business Review article “What Makes a Leader,” psychologist Daniel Goleman defines self-awareness as “having a deep understanding of one’s own emotions, […]


Trust Yourself: Your Inner Voice is Your Career Expert

As children, we depend on other people to keep us safe, comfortable, healthy, and well. For a time we don’t realize all the decisions being made on our behalf and that’s okay… until it’s not okay. As we grow, we become more independent and our interests develop more fully, but if we’re not careful, we […]


For a successful job search, deepen your self knowledge

The better your know yourself, the more accurately you can determine how to invest your time and energy during the job search.


Diana’s Big Move: The job search begins

A new series exploring one Idealist’s search for her next career move. Hi, I’m Diana. We met recently in the post about Idealist’s Community Support Team. My coworker Kim and I answer all of your calls and emails about the site. A confession: For the last few days, during every conversation I’ve had with a […]