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5 Creative Ways to Use Social Media to Find Your Dream Job

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Maybe you are looking for a job in a different state, or perhaps you are trying to break into nonprofits after a career in another field. Whatever the end goal, searching for a job in an area where you have little to no existing network can be tough. But with a little research and some […]


4 Ways to Feature Social Proof in Your Job Search Strategy

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Decisions about the applications you submit are made quickly. Your resume and cover letter are judged in just a few seconds, and if they pass the test, the next step may be a cursory glance at your online presence. Depending on what the hiring employer finds, you just may leap into the “must-interview!” pile. But […]


Make it a Happy Thanksgiving: Ways to Hear “You’re Hired!” During the Holidays

Many of us are planning for the “official” start of the holiday season. Whether you are in a state of frenzied nostalgia and excitement, or scheduling some down time with friends and family, the question of whether to continue your job search might be one you are pondering.


Creative Graduate Degrees for High-Impact Communication

Social impact careers require excellent communication skills. Changing your world requires the ability to collaborate with others, communicate your ideas effectively, and understand various forms of information. Earning a graduate degree in Communication is not the only academic route to build your skills – you can find a program that combines your interests, aligns with […]