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How a Master’s in Social Work Can Help You Reach Your Goals

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For the career-minded nonprofit professional, a master’s degree in social work (MSW) can open a lot of doors. Social work encompasses many type of jobs, but they all have a common feature: they help people and communities, often through direct service. Beyond the degree itself, master’s programs in this field teach valuable, transferable skills. Graduates […]


5 Self-Care Strategies for Care Professionals

People who are motivated to actively seek out opportunities in the social impact sector are those who feel a need to make a difference in their world. This often means pursuing roles that involve being in the service of, or caring for, others. Care professionals are those who are in roles that involve direct interactions […]


Making Your Social Work Resume Stand Out

In resume-speak, we have a name for these bits of information that make you look more professional and experienced than the pack: accomplishments. Here are some examples of accomplishments that I’ve found in resumes of social workers, youth workers, case planners, and the like.


Interested in social work? Explore these 12 jobs

The case managers, counselors, and advocates involved in helping people manage their everyday lives are an essential part of the support network for vulnerable people.