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Tune In, Turn Off | The Case for Tech-Free Meetings


Technology plays an invaluable role in helping nonprofits network with donors and connect with a community of like-minded changemakers. Social media, virtual meetings, and organizational online networks all help us bypass geographical barriers to build connections across the globe—regardless of timezone or city. But as much as these innovations have the ability to increase connectivity, […]


Love Tech and Social Impact? Make it Your Career, No Coding Required

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If you’re a tech-savvy nonprofit pro with an interest in working in socially-driven tech—minus the coding—it’s a great time to combine these professional passions. There are plenty of career opportunities at social-impact organizations with a focus on tech that don’t require coding skills. While these organizations are built around, use, or deliver technology, they also […]


Creative Graduate Degrees for High-Impact Communication

Social impact careers require excellent communication skills. Changing your world requires the ability to collaborate with others, communicate your ideas effectively, and understand various forms of information. Earning a graduate degree in Communication is not the only academic route to build your skills – you can find a program that combines your interests, aligns with […]


Love tech? These nonprofits want to hire you

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This week, we’ve got a list of jobs for anyone whose inner LEDs light up when working in, or around, technology.