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Hard Skills vs. Soft Skills | How to Master Both

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You may have heard valuable workplace skills grouped into two categories: “hard” and “soft.” Just about everyone has a bit from both Column A and Column B. But what’s the difference between the two categories? And how can you express the value of these skills during the job application process? What’s the difference? Hard skills […]


Using Your Performance Degree to Land the Job

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Whether it took you to your tiptoes as a ballerina, or to the depths of your soul to belt out those bass notes, studying the performing arts is something to be proud of. However, what may have started as starry-eyed Broadway dreams may feel different a decade or so later. Perhaps your interests have shifted […]


Ask Victoria | Sector Switching and Heading the Call to Service

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Today’s Ask Victoria comes from a job seeker frustrated in his sales career who wants to make the switch to the nonprofit sector:
“Sparing you too much detail, I spent the next several years in the wine business, mostly in sales and management. Talk about playing the game. I am done with this industry. I have always felt my true calling was service and am now ready to heed that calling.”


You probably have the skills you need to land your next job

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You don’t have to avoid a job opportunity if you don’t meet the requirements to the letter. Here’s how to discover the skills you do have that might land you the job.