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How Taking a Break Can Actually Boost Your Career

To get ahead, you have to keep forging ahead; or at least that’s what we’ve all been told time and time again. But the age-old credo doesn’t always apply in today’s less-traditional work world. Millennials entering the workforce are looking for dynamic co-working spaces, remote access opportunities, work life balance and major meaning on the […]


4 Reasons You Should Take a Summer Vacation


Many of us are drawn to social-impact work because we care deeply about the mission and making a difference. This type of motivation can provide a great sense of fulfillment, but it can also leave you feeling a little guilty when you need a break. The irony is that social-impact professionals may need a vacation […]


5 Reasons a Vacation Can Accelerate Your Job Search

Constant stress and anxiety do not help your job search. Find out how travel can boost your energy, increase neuroplasticity, and get you motivated!


Three ways to take a break this holiday season

f you take the risk to let go, you’ll find that your break will enable you to come back to work energized and refreshed.