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6 Tips for Jumping Into the Job Market After Time Abroad

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Whether you’re participating in Peace Corps, you’ve earned a prestigious grant or fellowship, or you’re just taking some time to travel, time abroad will take you out of your comfort zone and allow you to hone a new skill set. Aside from a huge personal milestone, your time traveling the world will end up on […]


Education in Community’s Hands: Lessons Learned During My Trip to Ghana

One of the most impactful days on the trip for me was seeing a community come together to build a new school for its children. We visited the village of Agorhome to help build the foundation of its new school. Well over 90% of the community had come out on a Saturday to contribute to building the new facility.


Should you volunteer abroad?

It can be easy to lose sight of the purpose and impact of volunteering on the communities you wish to serve.


Dealing with culture shock when volunteering abroad

While most of my friends who have worked or volunteered abroad have positive, life-changing experiences, there’s always the risk that your trip may not go as planned.