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There Is More Than One Way To Find Your Purpose

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We’ve all had that nagging feeling, wondering what it might be like to pursue our true calling. And when our purpose is hidden (or ignored), life both in and out of the office can feel uninspired. However, it can be incredibly difficult to change tracks, as we often find comfort in the safety and security […]


3 Tips for Staying Energized This Winter

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It’s that time of year again, when shorter days and colder temperatures have many of us warming up to the idea of staying in, curling up with a book, and basically hiding until spring arrives. While extra rest can be useful, enjoying the slowdown a little too much can lead to feeling downright unmotivated. If […]


Perfectionism Derailing Your Career? Here’s How to Get Things Back on Track

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Perfectionism and excellence are not the same. Nevertheless, to our detriment, when it comes to our careers we frequently confuse the two. Perfectionistic tendencies can derail your career and leave you feeling frustrated. As author Julia Cameron explains, “Perfectionism is not a quest for the best. It is a pursuit of the worst in ourselves, […]


3 Org-Culture Practices that Promote Wellness and Balance

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Work-life-balance—a buzzworthy term that has gained popularity in this, the decade-long dawn of the always-on-the-grid mentality—is all about one’s ability and willingness to find a healthy balance between personal time and work. While nonprofit professionals don’t always prioritize work-life-balance—we’re a passionate group of intelligent and energetic problem-solvers sometimes known for putting our own health and wellbeing […]