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3 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Working with a Friend

Two women who appear as friends talking while sitting on a window ledge

If you’re presented with an opportunity to work with a friend, it may seem like an easy decision. Work friendships are important after all, and if you already have a connection, it can be much easier to transition to a new role and organization. But before you jump at an opportunity to turn a friend […]


Passive Aggressive Behavior in the Office: How to Spot It, How to Stop It

Toy employee

You’re having a conversation at work. It sounds normal enough, but something doesn’t feel right, and you can’t put your finger on what. Your colleague is telling you something without telling you something. They’re being passive aggressive. Passive aggression in the workplace can divert focus from the organization’s objectives and negatively impact office morale. Here […]


A Guide to Building Positive and Productive Office Relationships

Man and woman talking in office

Think about some of your best moments at work. It can be at any job—not necessarily your current one. The times when you’ve felt most fulfilled, most proud of your accomplishments, most happy. Chances are, you’re thinking not just about what you were doing in those moments but also who you were with—the higher-up who […]


Generations Divided: How Millennials, Gen Xers, and Boomers Can Work Together

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As the Baby Boomers who started many of the nation’s nonprofits in the 1960s and 1970s retire, Millennials and Gen Xers are stepping up to the plate and taking the lead. But as different generations learn to work together, some challenges are bound to arise. However, with a little patience, some communication, and a lot of […]