Teach for America wants to hire you! (Plus other great jobs in education)

Photo credit: michaeljung, Shutterstock
Photo credit: michaeljung, Shutterstock

One of the most popular areas of focus on Idealist is education. In fact, almost one in ten of the opportunities on the site are in that field! If you’re passionate about education, whatever your skills are, there are lots of ways for you to get involved.

Get inside the classroom

If the classroom is your calling, join Two Rivers Public Charter School in Washington, DC as a Middle School Math Teacher. In NYC, the new East Harlem Scholars Academy is looking for a  founding Special Education Teacher, or you can check out one of the many openings for middle and high school teachers at Summit Academy in Brooklyn. And if you want to take your teaching on the road, take a look at some of the openings at the Abaarso School of Science and Technology in Somalia.

Go behind the scenes

But inside the classroom isn’t the only place to help make great schools happen. KIPP Endeavor Academy of Kansas City is looking for a Director of Finance and Operations, and the Newark Public School system is looking for a Senior Manager of HR Special Initiatives.

Or work with lots of schools! Join Education First Consulting in Seattle. They’re looking for a Principal to be their senior expert on college and career readiness who can help their clients improve schools around the country.  Or take a look at Teach for AmericaThey place teachers in underserved areas, so everyone can have a chance at a great education, and they need a lot of people to make sure this happens. Take a look at their 95 open positions across the U.S. to get involved.

Support mentoring and tutoring

Tutoring and mentorship can make a huge difference in student success too. City Year partners with public schools to keep students on track to graduate through extra programming. They’re looking for forty new staff members from communications to development to program management from Miami to Boston to Sacramento. And if you’re in AmeriCorps, lucky you, the Colorado Reading Corps‘ is looking for an AmeriCorps literacy tutor.

Whether you’re an awesome teacher, a whiz at operations, or a communications pro, there are lots of places for you in the field of education. To see all the opportunities to get involved, take a look at the over 4,200 open jobs in schools and educational nonprofits around the world, and your new job could mean a brighter future for someone else too.

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    • VGW
    • July 11, 2013

    At minimum, I would suggest that anyone interested in teaching also familiarize her- or himself with the controversies surrounding Teach for America and charter schools. Notable critics include Diane Ravitch, http://dianeravitch.net/ , and Gary Rubinstein, http://garyrubinstein.teachforus.org/ . Issues include whether TFA and charter schools are systemically improving public education for all public-school students; TFA sends inexperienced teachers into classrooms with only a 2-year commitment, and charter schools often have ways to exclude the most troubled students. My bias: I’ve been teaching in district pubic schools for 9 years.

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