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  1. As an artist with a wide ranging scope of interests, I used to get caught up in the particulars of the creative endeavor that I would use to make myself known to the world, but as I grow older as a creative entrepreneur I’m understanding that my underlining goal is to use my creativity to build a career. This liberates me to explore different niches as I’m brazen enough to attempt to standout in as many creative areas as I can. For a while I believed that I needed to master one thing like everyone says, and over time I’ve come to realize that thats precisely what I’m doing.

    • I really like the sentiment that you lay out here. It resonates with what I have been sensing intuitively, but it isn’t the way that I pursue work at the current moment, or really my lifestyle. I have superficially tapped into my creative sense and feel stuck with the idea of having to become an “expert” in one area. I keep fixating on doing so and have made little progress in finding contentment/happiness/satisfaction with my work… What was helpful to you in getting to closer to creatively building your career?

  2. Really like the idea of purpose and passion. I am teacher, have been for 11 years – it was all I wanted to do. Now I find myself longing to leave the profession in pursuit of something…more. I’ve interests that I’ve cultivated outside of work but like the author, I fully believe in and sometimes experience passions burnout. I’ve spent today looking at jobs and habit finds me looking in the education sector. I think the writer is spot on when he recommends trying ANYTHING.

    Thank you for the inspiration.

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