The Environmental Defense Fund wants to hire you (plus other great opportunities)

Photo credit: Elias Kordelakos, Shutterstock
Photo credit: Elias Kordelakos, Shutterstock

Summer is in full swing in the northern hemisphere, which for many people means getting outdoors. If you find yourself among trees and friendly forest animals this weekend, take a second to appreciate the effort needed to sustain a healthy ecosystem. There are around 10,000 organizations on Idealist that work with the environment, and they do everything from plant new trees to protect chimpanzees, and they could all use some help!


  • If you live in the Washington, D.C. area and have an urge to conserve, look up the Nature Conservancy or the Ocean Conservancy. Between them these organizations have 40 active listings.


An internship can be a great opportunity for a budding environmentalist to get their feet wet.

  • Interested in promoting renewable energy?Green Empowerment in Portland, Oregon focuses on communities in developing countries while LifeCity in New Orleans supports Louisiana-based organizations that want to become greener. They both have internships available.

Volunteer opportunities

Of course, not everyone is in the market for a full-time job or an internship. Thankfully, Idealist has thousands of volunteer opportunities available.

So apply for a job, test the waters with an internship, or help out as a volunteer. No matter what you do, any action to help the environment is one good step forward.


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