Webinar: Tips for marketing yourself during the job hunt [recording]

Yesterday we hosted our very first webinar with Alyson Weiss, Idealist Careers writer and Social Media Strategist at Career Moves, a division of JVS on how to market yourself to find a job and advance your career.

If you missed the webinar or want to rewatch, you can view it below (unfortunately, due to a technical glitch it starts a few minutes into the presentation). You can also download the slides here (PDF) if you would like to work through the activities in the presentation on your own.



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    • Lara Colvin
    • November 16, 2013

    Thank you so much, Alyson and Allison! This was a really helpful, action-oriented webinar and I definitely feel like I have the tools and structure to begin crafting my personal brand. I love that Idealist is bringing in webinars as a platform to share this kind of information. Even though I wasn’t on the live webinar, it was really interactive and I benefited from seeing people’s questions and responses. Thanks again!

    1. Thanks so much for the positive feedback, Lara! I had a great time facilitating this workshop! It was the first time that I had given this particular workshop in webinar form, but the energy was just as high as when I give it in person. I also really benefit when attendees give their examples. Their creativity always astounds me! Please don’t hesitate to reach out to me at aweiss@jvs-boston.org or 617-399-3186 if I can help out in any way!

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