Unique jobs in the nonprofit sector

Photo credit: Ruslan Grumble, Shutterstock
Photo credit: Ruslan Grumble, Shutterstock

If you’re looking for a job in the nonprofit sector, you’re used to seeing positions like Communications Manager, Development Assistant, and Executive Director. But nonprofits come in all shapes and sizes, and the roles they need to fill are just as varied. Think outside the box and take a look at these unique positions:

  • Like food so much you got a doctorate in it? The International Potato Center is looking for a Food Scientist in Nairobi, Kenya. You’ll lead a lab studying sweet potatoes, participate in professional food science forums, work with partner institutions on nutritional analysis,developing cost-effect sweet potato products, and more to improve food security in the developing world.
  • Bikes won’t share themselves. Hubway, Boston’s bike share program distributes 1,200 bikes to 135 stations throughout Boston, providing a sustainable, healthy transportation alternative. They need a Dispatcher at their “Command Central” to keep everything running smoothly. If you’re a Boston expert with great people skills, be sure to take a look!
  • New York may be a concrete jungle, but our green spaces need love too. The Madison Square Park Conservancy keeps the park lively and lush. They need a friendly outdoor enthusiast to serve as their new Assistant Gardener. You’ll maintain the grounds and be an ambassador for the park.

From potatoes to bikes to sharks to parks, there’s a place for you and your unique skill set to make the world a better place. Take a look at all the ways to get involved at Idealist.org.

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