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Some of you are wondering whether our Ask Victoria column is still up and running and accepting questions. Well, this week, I had a chance to check in with our very own Victoria Crispo, our Ask Victoria editor and Idealist’s Manager of College and Professional Outreach. Here’s what she had to say:

Alexis Perrotta: You’re still here, right?

Victoria Crispo: Yes! I still work at Idealist, but I’ve shifted into a new role in which I am reinvigorating our relationships with college career centers, professional organizations, and other institutions that have a focus on career development and exploration.

In this role, I expand our reach by lifting our nonprofit career advice off the page and into real-time webinars and in-person career workshops, delivered with an upbeat, informative, and action-oriented style.

AP: Do you plan to stay involved with the Idealist Careers community?

VC: Absolutely! My “on-the-ground” interaction with job seekers offers me a firsthand look at their current challenges. By relaying these real-time insights to the Idealist Careers team, we’ll work together in developing interesting new ideas for content, resources, and workshop topics. And of course, we will maintain the Ask Victoria column, so please do keep your burning career questions coming!

AP: What kinds of questions can you answer?

VC: It’s common for job seekers to overlook their emotional states and even physical health when they are on the hunt for employment, and then wonder why they are having a hard time. So job seekers should consider asking questions that will help them go deeper to discover what the real issues are that are playing a role. When submitting a question, try to go beyond the typical “should I send an updated copy of my resume if I noticed a typo?” or “How do I negotiate my salary or ask for a raise?”

Remember to be as detailed as possible about your specific situation. Mention your career field of interest and cause area, and whether you are a sector switcher or long-term unemployed. Share an anecdote from an actual job search situation or interview, or the requirements and responsibilities of a job that you want to apply to. Give insights into how long you’ve been looking for work, whether you’ve changed gears along the way, your years of experience in the field, and anything else that will give a clear picture into your situation.

Please note that I do not give legal, financial, or psychological advice, and encourage you to identify a trained professional who can provide you with personalized expertise.

AP: Do you have a favorite question that you’ve been asked over the years?

VC: One of my favorite questions was about reconciling one’s fear of commitment when it comes to making a career choice. The job seeker had accepted jobs and found herself bowing out of them fairly quickly. She wasn’t sure whether she couldn’t find what she wanted, and wasn’t even entirely certain what she was looking for. This was one of the questions that really goes beyond a job-search issue and challenges the individual to look at how their personality will help them define what is the right type of work—and work environment—for them.

AP: How about a favorite response from the Idealist Careers community?

VC: I think one of my favorites is a collection of responses for a job seeker we called “Damon.” The sharing of stories and outpouring of support from our readers was very touching.

AP: Can people ask questions anonymously if they’re concerned about privacy?

VC: Absolutely! Before publishing a question and my response, I reach out to the reader and let them know their question has been selected. All personal names will be changed (or omitted upon request). If you prefer to have a pseudonym different from the one I’ve assigned you, you are welcome to suggest your choice! In order to provide readers with context we may (with your permission) disclose actual job titles or organizations.

Submit your Ask Victoria questions in the comments below or by emailing

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