Want a career protecting animals? Check out these great opportunities!

Not that we need an excuse to share videos of adorable animals, but May 5-11 is Be Kind to Animals Week, and critters have always been a popular theme on Idealist. There are thousands of animal rights organizations on the site, ranging from groups with a broad focus on protecting our furry friends to smaller nonprofits with more specific goals. So if you are ready to get involved, check out these opportunities!


Want to help as many types of animals as you can? The ASPCA is looking for a Membership Operations Manager along with 11 other positions. In Washington D.C. the Animal Rescue League needs a Director of Development, while in Virginia the National Wildlife Federation is searching for a Business Systems Manager.

Consider yourself a cat person? Head over to Alley Cat Allies in Bethesda, Maryland and apply for the Executive Assistant position. If you’re more aquatically minded, take a look at the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation in New Orleans. It’s one of the world’s largest conservation grant-makers and has an opening for a Manager of Coastal Habitat Restoration.


If you’re looking to help animals this summer, or just want to gain experience in the social impact sector, try an internship.Tackling everything from climate change to biodiversity conservation, the Earth Island Institute has been helping preserve the habitats of wild animals since 1982. Located in Berkeley, California, they need a Photography and Digital Media Intern this summer.

If bigger is better for you, check out the Humane Society, which is the largest animal advocacy organization in the world. They’re looking for a summer intern for their State Affairs Department in Arizona, and have jobs listed across the USA.

Volunteer Opportunities

Not in the market for a full-time job or internship? Volunteer with Hopalong Animal Rescue in Oakland as a Pet Chauffeur, or cross the Bay to San Francisco to serve as a Volunteer Bookkeeper with the Red Panda Network.

If pandas, pugs, and alley cats seem too furry, that’s where the Vidyanagar Nature Club in India comes in. They need a Snake Rescue Volunteer. If you have “a steady hand and an appreciation of all types of snakes including venomous cobras and vipers” they’d love to talk to you.

So the next time you’re enjoying a cat’s facial expression or playing with your dog, take a moment to be thankful for all the things animals do for us. And if you decide you want to take an active part in making the world a better place for animals, Idealist will be there to help you find what you need!

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  1. I volunteer for All Sentient Beings (501c3), New York, NY.
    This is an organization that serves as a rescue for animals and is a clearing house for animals.

    This article above caught my eye, and I wanted to also add that All Sentient Beings is looking for volunteers in Fund-Raising, Web Design and Maintenance, Graphic Design, Fostering Animals, and Helping Out At and Planning Adoption Events. This is another way that you can help animals while expressing your talents and developing your skills!

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