Want to support veterans? Check out these job opportunities in honor of Veterans Day

Photo credit: kate.gardiner, Creative Commons/Flickr
Photo credit: kate.gardiner, Creative Commons/Flickr

Woodrow Wilson proclaimed the first Armistice Day in 1919 to commemorate the end of the first World War, and in 1945, a WWII veteran had the idea to expand Armistice Day to celebrate veterans of all wars. In 1954, Congress officially changed the name to Veterans Day, and today, organizations across the country organize parades, tributes, and other community events to honor veterans.

On this Monday’s Veterans Day, we encourage you to take a look at all the opportunities to give back to those who’ve served.

  • About 13% of America’s homeless population is made up of veterans, and another 1.4 million vets are at risk of becoming homeless. To address this issue in their community, the Chester County Opportunities Industrialization Center in West Chester, PA is looking to reach out to the homeless veteran population to provide housing and employment support, and they need a Case Manager to work on their Homeless Veterans Reintegration program.
  • Many veterans go to school when they return from service. To ensure their success, Student Veterans of America provides an academic and social support network. They’re seeking a Washington, DC-based Program Coordinator to manage services, events, communications, and a host of other exciting responsibilities. The organization is also offering a bunch of internships.
  • Led by retired generals and admirals, Council for a Strong America seeks to give young people a great start in life by promoting healthy living and academic success. They’re looking for a Deputy National Director in Washington, DC to mobilize retired senior military leaders to put their skills back to work.
  • If you’re looking for an awesome AmeriCorps VISTA volunteer opportunity, be sure to check out Montana Campus Compact‘s Troops to Teachers program in Missoula, MT. The program reaches out to veterans to train them as teachers and get them into classrooms.
  • And while you’re looking at organizations serving veterans, don’t miss Team Rubicon. This incredible organization gives military veterans the opportunity to continue to serve their country by rapidly deploying them to disaster areas where they can put their skills and experience to good use. The organization also provides a fantastic support network for these veterans.

All these organizations would be especially interested in hiring veterans for these positions, so if you’re a returned vet looking for work, they’d love to have you.

There are 21.2 million veterans in America today, and after their service, they’re too often affected by unemployment, homelessness, and mental illness. Organizations across the country are finding ways to better integrate returned veterans and match their unique skills to great opportunities. This Veterans Day, take a look at all the ways to get involved in this work at Idealist.org.

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