Want to work from home? Check out these remote nonprofit jobs

Photo credit: Mihajlo Ckovric, Shutterstock
Photo credit: Mihajlo Ckovric, Shutterstock

Have you ever found yourself in the perfect home, with a perfect job, but the imperfect situation that the two are in completely different locations? Aching hearts don’t just reside in long distance relationships; finding a job of your dreams that’s thousands of miles from home can be just as heartbreaking.

But it’s time to wipe those tears away, my Idealists, because now you can search for remote job, internship, volunteer, and action opportunities on our site!

For those of you who shine when you get to coordinate, there are a series of remote coordination jobs currently available.

  • Acutedge, a Salesforce.com Foundation partner, is a consulting firm that serves nonprofits and public sectors. Based in Philadelphia, this organization needs an Account Executive who can either work with them in Philadelphia or from a home office.

There are also many remote assistant positions currently listed for anyone newer to the workforce.

Here at Idealist, we don’t take Dorothy’s words lightly. So click those heels and your mouse away to find the best opportunity for you!


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    It wud b nice if u cud throw light on oppurtunities in india for volunteer nd part-time jobs thanx

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