Water, Water, (Jobs) Everywhere!

With droughts, water contamination, and a depletion of the earth’s resources, it seems that we have water, water, everywhere but

One place we don’t have a shortage, luckily, is in the number of water-focused jobs on Idealist. To honor National Water Quality Month in the US, we’re highlighting some of the great water-focused jobs on Idealist. Luckily, with hundreds of water jobs on the site, there are plenty of job-fish in this sea of opportunities to choose from!

Water.org cuts straight to its point with a name as clear as its mission: a world in which everyone can access safe drinking water. Based in Kansas City, Missouri, this nonprofit is hiring for a Director of Technology Impact and Innovation (note: this job can be performed from a remote location!) as well as for a Senior Manager of Global Learning. If you deeply resonate with Water.org’s mission of making safe drinking water accessible to all, you may also love this Clean Water Advocate job with Work for Progress. Help them build a network of allies, mobilize citizens in grassroots campaigns, and get the word out about their efforts!

If you are more focused on managing water quality, take a look at this Clean Water Project Management position (hurry- application deadline 8/31!) with the Willamette Partnership in Portland, Oregon. In this role you’ll lead the development of policy tools, conduct outreach, facilitate national conversations, and more. Similarly, in Ann Arbor, Michigan, there is an opening with the National Wildlife Federation for a Water Quality Campaign Manager. Here, you’ll lead communications, coordinate organizations, advocate, build a coalition of supporters, manage budgets, and be a general rockstar. If you love the organization but the job isn’t quite the right fit, check out what else they have to offer; they currently have 11 openings in total.

Concerned about the amount of water (or lack thereof) available in our communities? The Chino Basin Water Conservation District in Montclair, California certainly is! Join them in their goal to protect the basin through water conservation efforts. They’re hiring for a Deputy Executive Director, a Community Programs Manager, and a Conservation Programs Manager. Over in Baltimore, Maryland, the Baltimore Energy Challenge is working toward similar goals, teaching residents, businesses, and nonprofits low to no-cost ways to save energy and conserve water. Join them in their efforts as an Energy Educator/Installer, an Energy Efficiency and Water Conservation Team Leader, or an Energy Educator/Community Organizer.

Wait a minute–so, what is the reason behind all of these water dilemmas? Get into the grit of the causes with Food and Water Watch, a nonprofit whose mission is to challenge the economic and political forces behind the negative practices of our food and water industries. They are currently hiring for 10 different positions around the United States.

Whatever your skills and your passions, there is an endless number of ways to get involved in protecting, healing, and helping the bodies of water on our planet. All you have to do is dive in!

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