What was the scariest moment of your first job?

Photo credit: MaraZe, Shutterstock

Photo credit: MaraZe, Shutterstock

Happy Halloween!

We recently asked our community on Facebook, “What was the scariest moment of your first job?” Here are some of our favorite comments:

Stephanie: Making a guy faint! Phlebotomist… not any more though – I think I was as traumatized by it as he was!

Ashley: Walking into those doors and knowing that this is the beginning of real post-grad life, and wondering am I going to make the cut?

Maria: When I hung up on someone I was soliciting for donations. And got yelled at for it!

Daniel: Reactionary training, being thrown to the wolves immediately and having to learn by mistake rather than being properly briefed.

Charles: I had to feed an ostrich.

Now, before all the spooks come out to play, we want to ask you again: What was the scariest moment was from your first job?! Tell us in the comments and check out our Facebook page to see more responses!


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  1. Sexual harassment. My first job was when I was about 14 or 15 at a shoe store. Another worker came into the shoe area as I was up on the ladder getting some shoes down and started to harass me and make innuendos. It was very scary and I came in late the next day got docked and then quit the job. I was upset cause I realized that something that was not my fault then ended up making me look like the irresponsible one afraid to go to work.

  2. The engineers I worked with liked to throw things at me. It was a tradition with interns, they said. One day I went to get some coffee and when I returned to my workstation I found an x-acto knife embedded in the center of my desk.

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