Where do you go for support in the job search?

Photo credit: STILLFX, Shutterstock
Photo credit: STILLFX, Shutterstock

We recently shared some advice on how to deal with job seeker burnout. Some of the feedback indicated that it might be helpful if people shared what helps them get through the job search — a website on managing money while searching, a local program that’s helping you search, or even a group of friends who are listening to your concerns.

So where do you go for support in the job search? What resources (online and offline) do you use? Share them below.


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  1. 1. I go to FindSpark which is a community that sets up young creatives with career success. I go to their website for their amazing job board with the best entry-level gigs and internships in NYC, for their blog filled with empowering career advice, and for their killer events calendar of virtual and IRL workshops and networking events.

    2. I also love DailyWorth for insights about managing my money. I just got an e-mail with an article called “It’s Time to Stop Overspending Just Because ‘You Deserve It'” #loveit

    3.LearnVest- also great site for financial tips and personal financial advicing.

    4. Also, love LinkedIn groups about topics related to the industry I want to go into (Communications/PR/Marekting/Branding/Nonprofits/Social Change) and general career advice groups from profs who have been in my shoes.

    My biggest tip= keep an open mind. You never know where you could get some amazing tips and feedback, especially online- join lots of FB groups, LinkedIn groups, Meetups, and subscribe to e-mail lists that deliver daily inspiration and tips relevant to your field (for me this includes: InternetWeek, Idealist, Mashable, FastCompany, etc.)

    • Maureen Lestelle
    • June 18, 2014

    Having been in the position of in transition, overqualified, underemployed, aged out since losing my job in 2011, I can share a few pointers I’ve learned along the way.
    Seek out like minded individuals who will support and even help your endeavors. I immediately found a group of experienced, degreed, olders individuals through a local employment development office. This group was structured, self governing and provided a much needed network at the time. I made some amazing connections there and also, because it was a volunteer group, I became an active Board member and instructor sharing my knowledge of HR. It filled a resume “gap” and eventually led to a professional development group called LA Fellows which provided training, industry expertise and more amazing connections which led to a non-profit internship and a temp position. you have got to get out of the house and mingle. Find a group that helps you move forward. Professional organizations can help as well although most of the people there being gainfully employed might not connect with your under/unemployment status. Again, they may become the bridge you need to the place you need to be.
    Whatever you do make sure you keep moving. If one group feels unproductive find another. Volunteer for a cause you are passionate about. It takes your mind off your concerns, opens a new network and connects you with amazing individuals who share the common cause.
    Who knows where that might lead? Swallow your angst and begin to tell people who you are and what you are looking for. The ripples from that pool could lead in a direction you might never have thought of. It takes courage, persistance and support from others but you will end up in the right place.

  2. I got to know about this website via a friend after completing a two year diploma in journalism course and discussed with him about my search for a job in the media. I’ve been doing this for 4 years now to no avail. As a result my persuit for climbing the educatiobnal ladder halted at my final year in a degree program for the lack of finance. I thought i could be working in order to make some money to support my education but i couldn’t because i still don’t have a job. What should i do?

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